Sexy Guy Goes Unclad For His Pre-Wedding Photos

Sexy Guy Goes Unclad For His Pre-Wedding Photos


Check out this very daring and really bizarre pre-wedding photo shoot that is currently trending and has got tongues wagging on social media.
By Frank Henry
18 November,2017

The reason for their rather bold and unique chioce is not yet known, So whether or not, they were looking to go viral with the photos, they have become a topic online and some even wonder why the bride to be didn’t have the same vibe as her fiance.
The couple have their photos themed as royalty – king and queen – as the man dons a crown and the woman the same.
Quite nice eh?! Except that the king decided to ditch his robe for his birthday suit…haha

It seems the male folks have caught the craze of stripping for pre-wedding shoots, as we just got photos of such. Stephen Midgett, who posed for pre-wedding photos with his fiancee, wrote as he shared photos on Instagram;

“man i don’t know how she deals with him” …. easy because I’ve always been myself I’ve never changed up . She seen who i was , embraced and accepted me in all my craziness . Many people miss out on blessing looking for perfection in someone or trying to change someone . Be who you are and allow someone to see u for u and make the choice to deal with it or not . CHOICE being keyword . A lot of wasted time faking out here . Photos by me #burger#burgerking#snacks#love#marriage#clinicallyunstable#king#queen#royalty#blacklove#imperfect#perfect#mykidsnudisttoo#yinyang ( edited since most people don’t catch the subliminal so I’ll explain “aw he got on a bk crown “… yes because my queen can have it her way . Everything has a symbolic meaning even the Tim’s . Those are because I’ll stump a mud hole out of anyone for mine 2-100. I’m naked to Show I’m stripped down for her . Also to show my strength . I’m strong enough to fight for this . Explanation not necessary but now u know )”

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