The Reality of Nigerian Youths

The Reality of Nigerian Youths
By Frank Henry
5th january, 2018

After a little chat with Mr jimi Ige concerning Nigerian youths, this is all he had to say..........

when we were in school, most of us couldn't wait to graduate, work, with Multinational companies and start a good life. But then, we were delayed by NYSC and this took a whole year. that year turned out to be, for some, a path of discovery and others, time wastage. After service, most of us entered the Labour Market with high hopes based on our intellectual ability not knowing the segregation that awaits us.

First, you had good grades to contend with. if you didn't graduate with a second class upper , you cant apply for most high paying jobs. Secondly, you have the age barrier. if you are above 24, some companies wont recruit you as a fresher. what will happen to those that graduated at the age of 25 and above due to strike and delay in getting admission?. This Constriction in the Labour market has made applying for jobs impossible for a lot of youths. 

The jobs without age or grade restrictions most times comes with a very pitiful salary. after obtaining a degree you're being offered 30-50 thousand naira per month; which is earning less than $200 per month.  yet they ask why Nigerian youths are scrambling to travel abroad when they know they would make a better living over there compared to their country Nigeria.

Our so called Civil Service Recruitment is not without flaws. some youths who registered online couldn't log in again due to unforeseen circumstances and the rules says you cant register twice. when you send a mail to the support, there is never a reply. Please what are this youths supposed to do?.

The Ogun State Government recently advertised vacancy through their civil service and put up a  ten thousand Naira (10,000) form to be sold for application. if the private sector isn't charging us before employing us, why should the public sector?

How do they expect jobless youths who cant afford three square meal to afford the form? how are the Nigerian youths meant to support their family?

Now everyone is moving to entrepreneurship and the saturation and lack of business acumen of some youths isn't making a lot of success story.



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